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SING for Green is focused on higher education qualifications, specifically within the range of EQF 6 to 8.

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SING for Green consortium involves 6 partners: IDONIAL, BUL, EWF, Lattice s.r.o, FAN3D and Metalska Jezgra.

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Media Kit

Here you can find the latest dissemination materials regarding the SING for Green project.

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Additive manufacturing technologies play a crucial role in evolving and enhancing various industrial activities centered around product design. These technologies empower the creation of improved products, that for example use less energy and resources throughout their lifecycle, that require smaller amount of raw materials to be produced, and that generates less waste.

This is achieved through the application of green skills and advanced design methods like generative design, topological optimization, the quantification of impacts, life cycle analysis, etc.. Gaining proficiency in these skills is facilitated by leveraging the capabilities of the current digital landscape, allowing for innovative and transformative learning experiences.