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In the 21st century, the quest for a more sustainable way of living has become a significant challenge.

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SING for Green consortium involves 6 partners: IDONIAL, BUL, EWF, Lattice s.r.o, FAN3D and Metalska Jezgra.

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Media Kit

Here you can find the latest dissemination materials regarding the SING for Green project.

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SING for Green is focused on higher education qualifications, specifically within the range of EQF 6 to 8. Given the shared aspects with Vocational Education and Training (VET), there is potential for collaboration with VET providers.

This collaboration aims to amplify the impact of the SING for Green project, reaching a wider audience and educating more people, including EU citizens.

To facilitate these collaborations, VET centers are identified as key stakeholders for disseminating and piloting the project results. The project seeks to influence the priorities of VET providers in areas such as developing curricula aligned with green skills, creating flexible and learner-centric VET programs to address training gaps for working-age adults, and fostering collaborations in additional mutually beneficial areas.